America: A Concise History, 4th edition (Volumes I & II - download pdf or read online

By James A. Henretta

ISBN-10: 0312485417

ISBN-13: 9780312485412

Short and cheap, but cautious to not sacrifice components very important to scholar studying, the USA provides scholars and teachers every thing they wish, and not anything they don’t. The authors’ personal abridgement preserves the hallmark explanatory powerof the dad or mum textual content, supporting scholars to appreciate not just what occurred, yet why — so they’re by no means left brooding about what’s very important. a special seven-part narrative constitution highlights the an important turning issues in American historical past and explores the dynamic forces shaping every one interval, facilitating scholars’ knowing of continuity and alter. The narrative is enriched and strengthened by means of shiny full-color artwork, rigorously crafted maps, and primary-source gains in each bankruptcy. the result's a short e-book that, as well as being a superb cost, is a superb price.

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800, the farming technology of Mesoamerica had reached the C H A P T E R 1 The Emergence of an Atlantic World: Europe, Africa, and America, 1450–1620 u 11 Mississippi River Valley, perhaps carried by Mayan refugees from the war-torn Yucatán Peninsula. By planting new strains of maize and beans, the Mississippian peoples produced an agricultural surplus. They then built small, fortified temple cities, where a robust culture developed. By 1150, the largest city, Cahokia [ka-HO-kee-ah], near presentday St.

Among these peoples, religious rituals centered on the agricultural cycle. The Iroquois, for example, celebrated green corn and strawberry festivals. Although the eastern Indian peoples of 1500 enjoyed an adequate diet, their lives were hard and their populations grew slowly. When Europeans intruded into North America, the strong Indian city-states that had once flourished in the Southwest and in the Mississippi River Valley had vanished. 12 t PA R T O N E The Creation of American Society, 1450 –1763 Iroquois Women at Work, 1724 As this European engraving suggests, Iroquois women took responsibility for growing food crops.

Seeking a maritime route to this trade’s source in West Africa, Henry drew on the work of Renaissance thinkers and Arab and Italian geographers. In 1420, he founded a center for oceanic navigation and astronomical observation in the south of Portugal. He urged his captains to find a way around Cape Bojador in North Africa, a region of fierce winds and treacherous currents, and to explore the feared “Sea of Darkness” to the south. Eventually, Henry’s mariners sailed far into the Atlantic, where they discovered and colonized the Madeira and Azore islands; from there, they sailed to the subSaharan African coast.

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