Air Aces of the Austro-Hungarian Empire 1914-1918 - download pdf or read online

By Martin O'Connor

ISBN-10: 0912173033

ISBN-13: 9780912173030

This publication is the results of decades of non-public study and a number of other journeys abroad by way of Marty OConnor, and culminated in what's arguably the definitive paintings near to Austro-Hungarian aces. The writing during this booklet is neither eloquent nor poetic, however the details is valuable. OConnor offers a biographical define of every ace identified in the Austro-Hungarian Empire, together with the variety of victories (and the victory lists of numerous significant aces), any own history to be had at the pilot in query and as a lot postwar details as attainable. the place no info exists concerning things like a pilots birthplace, picture, or postwar career, OConnor in particular makes be aware of it so the reader is left without query marks. a number of appendices hint important info resembling destinations of airfields, maps of conflict parts and colour schemes of many aces planes.

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