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Advances in Inorganic Chemistry provides well timed and informative summaries of the present development in various topic components inside of inorganic chemistry starting from bio-inorganic to reliable nation stories. Thisacclaimed serial beneficial properties experiences written through specialists within the quarter and is an vital connection with complicated researchers. each one quantity of Advances in Inorganic Chemistry comprises an index, and every bankruptcy is absolutely referenced.

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By the use of KOR, salts such as K,[Tc(OMe),I and K2[Tc(OCH2CH20)31may be isolated. 005(4) A. Complex 28 is water soluble and stable at pH > 4 for over 24 hr (357). The pale yellow oxalato complex ( A ~ P ~ , ) , [ T c ( C ~ is O prepared ~)~I by substitution of [TcBr,]'- in oxalic acid solution. The substitution of [TcX,]'- and the reduction of Tc0,- in the presence of carboxylic, hydroxycarboxylic, and aminocarboxylic acids has been extensively studied and it appears that, in general, the Tc(1V) species formed are dimeric (3611.

The six nitrogen atoms form a distorted trigonal prism monocapped by Br, which causes the two flanking dioximes to be spread away by about 20"toward the third dioxime ligand, thus probably precluding the addition of a second boron cap (2541. 4, which indicates that there may be a n equilibrium in uiuo between the neutral hydroxy and cationic aqua forms (24, 256, 257). Electrochemically, chloro and bromo BATOs undergo a n irreversible twoelectron reduction that appears to be biologically inaccessible (259).

A variety of sixcoordinate tris complexes of monothio-P-diketonates has been prepared by substitution of [Tc(tu),]Cl, in refluxing methanol and characterized by IR, electronic, and mass spectrometry; 'H NMR; and, for the phenyl derivative [Tc{SC(Ph)CHC(Ph)O},],a crystal structure determination (251, 252). F. COMPLEXES WITH DIOXIMES, SCHIFF BASES,AND OTHER NITROGEN LIGANDS An alternative approach to cationic myocardial imaging agents has been the development of neutral seven-coordinate Tc(II1) complexes based on 1,2-dioxime ligands (dioximeH,) with one end capped by a boronic acid derivative (19, 253).

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