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Two methods have been mainly used for the determination of the stability constants of cation - sugar complexes. The equilibriumcomposition of D-allose (and other aldoses in which 0-2 and 0-3 are cis) changes on addition of complexing cations, because only the Q anomer forms complexeswith them. r. s. r. spectra; the “limiting shifts,” that is, the shift for complete conversion into the complex, have to be determined. However, as the sugars complex only weakly, complete conversion is not achieved, and extrapolation to the limiting shifts is uncertain.

28 ( 1975) 1541 - 1549. S. J. Angyal and R. Le Fur, Curbohydr. , 126 (1984) 15-26. S. J. Angyal and R. J. Beveridge, Carbohydr. , 65 (1978) 229-234. S. J. Angyal and R. J. Beveridge, Aust. J. , 31 (1978) 115 I - 1 155. ” Thus, Dglycero-L-tulo-heptose (28) and ~-erythro-~-tulo-octose’~~ have been assumed to complex at 0-2,O-3, and 0-4, and also at 0-5,O-6, and 0-7; and methyl a-L-gulofuranoside(29) at 0-1,O-2, and 0-3, and also at 0-4,O-5, and 0-6. The side chain in the former compounds has the threo configuration.

29 (1976) 1249- 1265. L. StankoviE, K. Fedorofiko, Carbohydr. , 10 (1969) 579-583. V. Bilik, D. Anderle, and J. Alfoldi, Chem. Zvesti, 28 (1974) 668-672. J. Defaye, A. Gadelle, and S. J. Angyal, Carbohydr. , 126 (1984) 165- 169. J. R. Rasmussen, S. R. Tafuri, and S . T. Smale, Carbohydr. , 1 16 (1983) 2 1-29. L. Hough and E. OBrien, Carbohydr. , 84 (1980) 95- 102. M. K. Das, D. G. Streefkerk, and C. P. J. Glaudemans, Mol. , 16 (1979) 97- 100. S. J. Angyal, C. L. Bodkin, J. A. Mills, and P. M.

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